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Easter Egg Fun!

When we were growing up we would dip our eggs into a vinegar mixture to color them traditional pastel Easter colors…it was pretty basic.  But now in the era of the Pinterest, Facebook and Blogging you can find funky, unique and extremely creative ways to decorate your eggs!  Here are a few we plan to try out this year:

Ombre. Fill your container about ¼ of the way full with dye, soak the egg for a few minutes and then add a little more water, let soak and repeat until the egg is covered! image

Dipped. Cover egg in tacky glue and roll in sprinkles (or glitter!) image

Tied. Wrap an egg in an old silk tie and boil in vinegar for about 10 minutes!


Lacy. Cut off a piece of lace and tie it around your egg and dip it in your color of choice! image

Note!: However you decide to decorate your eggs make sure to hard boil them first or you are in for quite the mess. Mix a few together (like Ombre and Lacy!) or try one of the above; either way you are sure to wow at your Easter Sunday egg hunt! We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Easter either making new traditions or enjoying the old ones!

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Spring’s Hottest Fashion Trends

With warmer weather just around the corner it is time to shed those layers, pack the sweaters away and dust off your summer wardrobe!  Lightweight fabrics, bright colors and sandals are just a few of the things to look forward to. We understand that not everyone has a ton of extra cash to splurge with so today we are going to be highlighting a few of the wardrobe staples that can keep your spring attire on trend, even if you are a mama on a budget!

  1. The Trench. Whether Burberry or Target the trench is an absolute fashion classic that can be worn season after season!  A good quality trench can easily take you from day wear to evening merely with a change of shoes.  Opt for an orange or yellow trench to brighten up those drizzly spring days.
  2. High-Waisted Jeans. Say so-long to low rise, hip hugger jeans!  The high-wasted jean has come back with a vengeance and we couldn’t be happier!  This cut of jean is amazingly curve hugging for all of us mamas out there to show off our best asset without the fear of revealing too much!
  3. Stripes. Striped anything seems to be in vogue this year: dress, skirt, top, bag, pant or blazer you just can’t go wrong!  If you are a little nervous about sporting a full-on horizontal stripe opt for diagonal, vertical or chevron.  Orange and white or blue and white are classic color combinations!
  4. Ballet Flat. Low profile, comfy and inexpensive ballet flat can add a sense of chic-casualness to any outfit!  Ballet flats are great to wear with shorts, cropped pants, skirts or dresses.  You really can’t go wrong with this shoe so stock up!
  5. Sundress. Always a staple in our spring wardrobes a sundress is such a versatile article of clothing! The sundress is the perfect item to layer (or un-layer) for unpredictable weather.  Wear it with riding boots, leggings, a denim jacket and a silk scarf for cooler days and pair it with some ballet flats on warmer days.

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(Source: blog.needbrands.com)

Spring Makeup Trends

With budding trees, blooming flowers and sunshine we shed our winter layers and refresh our wardrobes but how many of you ladies out there change the make-up you wear?  Winter is a great time to wear warm, dark colors but once spring blooms it is a great time to not just lighten up your wardrobe but your make-up, too.  Today we are going to be discussing the top makeup trends for spring!

  1. Lavender Eye Shadow. Lavender, lilac, orchid and periwinkle eye shadows are all the rage on the runways.  The great thing about these colors is that they are soft, feminine and ethereal and are a subtle way to incorporate fun color trends into your beauty routine.
  2. Bare Lips. The look of bare lips is flattering to all women.  Using an SPF lip balm as your “lipstick” is perfectly acceptable this spring.  Look for ‘nude’ or ‘buff’ colors in beige, peaches and pinks if you want to incorporate color.  Matte is preferable over glossy in order to achieve the “natural” look.
  3. Sun Kissed Tones. This trend seems to never go out of style in warmer months.  Who doesn’t want their skin to look sun kissed and radiant?!  To get this look use apricot and peach colored powder blushes and golden bronzers to give your face a “just off the beach” glow!
  4. Schoolboy Eyebrows. Good-bye are the days of thin, tweezed eyebrows and here are the days of natural, full eyebrows!  No longer do you have to spend time in front of the mirror trying to achieve the perfect arch.  Blunt boy-brows are all the rage on the runway and this is a low-maintenance trend we are happy to incorporate into our beauty regime!
  5. No Make-Up. This has to be one of our favorite trends of the season, no makeup!  Yup, you read that right, bare face beauty is becoming wildly accepted in the high-fashion world. This trend is all about nourishing your skin.  Drink plenty of water and use a great quality radiance lotion and you too can sport this trend!

(Source: blog.needbrands.com)

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